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Leadership means many things to many people. For some, Leadership is a way to explore personal mastery.  For others, Leadership is a word focused on influencing, motivating, empowering, and/or maximizing efforts—in essence, leading a group of people to success and supporting them to stretch, grow, and reach their potential.  What does leadership mean to you and your organization?

In this interactive workshop and Potentia’s signature “LEAD” series (Leadership Exploration and Development)  Tanja will utilize a coaching approach to engage leaders and future leaders in a conversation to explore:

  • Leadership vs. management;
  • Embracing strengths as a leader;
  • Exploring leadership styles and adaptable leadership techniques;
  • Effective communication;
  • Taking a coaching approach to leadership and coaching for success;
  • Setting expectations;
  • Feedback and feedforward;
  • Components of a high performing engaged culture;
  • Building rapport;
  • Fostering talent and motivating teams;
  • Creating a culture of trust, the power of relationships;
  • Reward and recognition;
  • Respectful workplaces;
  • The power (and components of) building a mentally healthy workplace and how to leverage this knowledge to create and award-winning workplace where people thrive; and
  • Any other topics that may be important to your organization and your team’s success.

To explore and book a series of LEAD workshops with Tanja, please reach out.