Kevin Tucker

Kevin received a high level of leadership and management training during his time in the military as a Royal Naval Supply Officer. Leaving the military at a natural breakpoint, he went on to use these broad skills and levels of self-motivation as a consultant in staffing, communication and education fields in both public and private sectors. During this time, he completed a Masters’ Degree in Education and Training Management which added teaching theory to prior practical experience.

Since landing in Canada in 2004, Kevin has earned his CPHR designation and has established himself as a leading Human Resources professional and has applied a balanced and practical approach towards supporting the needs of the business while focused on people development. Kevin maintains high levels of engagement with those he is mentoring and advising, deploying active listening skills and coaching people to realize ambitions and aspirations towards company priorities and targets.

Kevin is known for establishing processes and procedures that provide a strong foundation for organizational success, has extensive recruitment experience, an eye for talent management, and has guided both strategic and tactical people-focused activities with various organizations.

When working with Kevin, you can except a friendly positive demeanor, strong business acumen and a professional approach to HR best practices. Kevin’s ability to build strong trusting relationships makes him a great fit for the Potentia team.